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First imaging session for a long time!


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As I became a dad for the first time last year, I haven't managed to get out with the telescope for a few months since my daughter was born. When she finally started sleeping properly, the skies were full of cloud. The skies cleared, she stopped sleeping properly..... She started sleeping again, the clouds came back.... its just been one of those!


Finally, she's been sleeping better and the skies cleared so I thought I'd check to see if I still remembered how to set everything up and get it working. After a bit of fiddling about and having to make a few minor adjustments, I managed 3 hours on the Rosette nebula, using an unmodified Canon 1000D through my Starwave 102ED-R. I wasn't expecting much from an unmodded camera, and the garden I hadn't done this in a while, but happy with what came out, and it felt great to be back under the stars again, even if it was just my light polluted back garden! 


I only have the JPEG version on my phone, but if i remember, ill swap it for the PNG later when I get my laptop out!FB_IMG_1641414172676.jpg.1fb76d7ed0209a473317f989f39df2ad.jpg

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27 minutes ago, Shibby said:

I've been in exactly the same boat as you, so I feel your pain, however it's taken me even longer to return! Nice to be out there again, isn't it?

Yeah, won't get many opportunities between clouds and baby behaviour lol. But it's great to be out again. Will be a long time before I head to a dark sky site though!

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