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MyFocuserPro C8 Conversion


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Hello all

I made my own MyFocuserPro auto focuser with some great help from people onhere. Any iodea how I would convert it from a 102ED refractor to a Feathertouch C8 please?

I think I saw someone with a blueprint for a 3d printer design?


Is it just a bracket change?


Many thanks as always 

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Unfortunately the bracket I need is unavailable from ZWO and in 3d format on Thingverse for Feathertouch focusers. 

If I take the feathertouch off I am left with just a long thin threaded bolt as in the pic. 

If I could get my hands on a stock focuser I could convert it easily with the ZWO brackets that are readily available for non Feathertouch focusers. 


Any ideas pls?!


Thanks !




Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 23.06.24.png

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Or this JMI motor drives the feathertouch manually. Would there be any way of converting the MyFocuserPro guts to drive this instead of the Nema stepper motor as it is just voltages at this stage that ddrives the JMI?




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