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Kielder star party

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Hi all,

Just back from Kielder star party and once again I've spent longer on the laptop processing than I did taking these images !

First up is my favourite, the packhorse bridge. It now goes from nowhere to nowhere as part of a foot path because another bridge was built over the river nearer the village. The path may not look too steep but walking back and forth over it almost wore me out 🙄

Nikon Z6 20mm 12x 15seconds f1.8 ISO 1600 for the sky and a further 8x 10 seconds f2.8 for the light painting.




Next up, the Viaduct pond. So called because it's a pond next to the Viaduct. Such a shame the Jupiter challenge is over as I could have been cheeky and entered it ! This was the most relaxing image to take as you could almost reach out and touch the silence.

Nikon Z6 14mm 7x 20seconds ISO 1600 f1.8.



Finally, a Hobbit Hutch on Kielder camp site. Luxury shed camping with underfloor heating ! 

Nikon Z6 20mm 11x 15seconds f1.8 ISO 1600. Just when I'd finished the shot the happy shed campers returned and put a red light on for me so I did a few more subs.




As you can see, the sky was plagued by high cloud for the time I was imaging and cleared up when I wasn't ! 

No chocolate was consumed this time round because I filled my face with custard creams and bourbon biscuits. It's got to be done !

All processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.


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