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I had been out this morning, and quickly set up the PST on the Scopetech Mount Zero to take advantage of some rare sunshine.

The transparency was rather poor, but did a quick sketch.   The most interesting proms were in the N/NW.  

Drawing below, plus a screen grab from GONG 10mts or so after I did the sketch.  Worth a look if sol is cooperating at your location.





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My first scope arrived early this morning (SW Heritage 150p flextube dob) and for the first time in ages, there were broad patches of clear sky! Set it all up, waiting eagerly for darkness to arrive......and of course, you know the rest: all new equipment is accompanied by clouds😝. It's now 10/10ths.

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33 minutes ago, Mark at Beaufort said:

Paul the Sun was good this morning in Ha - nice sketch.

I like the mount it looks ideal for the PST.

Many thanks Mark.  Yes, the Scopetech Mount works really well with the PST.  It's also very good with my Tecnosky 102ED F7.  It would have been to pricey for me to buy new, but I was lucky enough to find one used at a very good price.  Its very well made and probably worth the full price if folks can afford it.  We are very blessed at the moment, with having so many good altaz mounts to choose from 😊.

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3 hours ago, cajen2 said:

Sorry, I do realise you were talking about solar prominences, but one person's good luck is another's misfortune......

You have nothing to apologise for.  I hope you enjoy your new acope and that you don't have to wait too long for some clear skies.  The trick is to have it handy for immediate use, for when you have some unexpected clear patches.

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