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Explore Scientific Exos II current consumption


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I think I've outgrown the D-Cell battery holder that came with my mount and I'm looking at getting a lithium battery bank, I know the current consumption of the rest of my kit, however I can't find a reference for my Exos II anywhere online, can anyone else on here put me out of my misery please?

I really don't want to butcher a lead to get a clamp meter on it.


Matt H

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18 hours ago, michael8554 said:

A quick search came up with a mains adapter that Explore sell for your mount, 12volt 5Amp.

And the scope spec says 12V 2Amp.

I'd be conservative and go for at least 3Amps.


amazing, I'd found the spec of the PSU, but I was coming up with a blank with the actual rated draw, my google-fu failed me.

Thanks for that Michael!

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The the EXOS2 pmc eight mount comes complete a 12V 2A mains adapter as standard, and this is what I use with mine. 


Copy and paste - What's in the box:

What's in the box

  • Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT with Open GOTO PMC-8
  • Stainless steel tripod with 2" legs and bubble level
  • Counter weight 2 x 4.5kg 
  • Polefinder with illumination unit
  • Power supply 12 volts / 2.0 ampere
  • ExploreStars Software via download
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