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My new scope - minus the mount :(


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Well my first scope turned up today (thanks FLO) but unfortunately they seem to have forgotten the mount that came with it (not so much thanks to FLO)....

So I can test drive it and its a clear (ish) sky tonight :lol::icon_sad::blob8:

I am gutted................. Its like having a chocolate biscuit without the tea to dunk it in....... only worse......... *cries*

Anyways here is a pic....


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I'm sure you'll be pleased with yours, nutty.

Mine looks nice in the kitchen. One day, I might get to point it at some of those sparkly things I've read about...

I've mounted a quick-release camera mount on the top and also a Rigel Quikfinder from FLO, which works well.

Billy - you want one, you need one....

....it's only the cost of a dozen or so tubes of silicone sealant....


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I got one of those on monday, it will go on a tripod at a push if you've got one knocking around, normal tripod thread screws straight into the dovetail. No chance of using in anger at the sky though yet, the weather taunted me by just starting to cloud over by the time I got home from work at 11.15pm :lol:

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Very nice Nuttystar, it's a lovely scope. I've used mine on a camera tripod, and used a 2x teleconverter with the camera to take shots of the moon, it works well, but you need to allow the wobbles from the pod to settle. For normal viewing of large DSO's it'll work fine on a decent camera tripod.

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