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  1. I downloaded this last night. It looks very good but very complicated eeeeeek!
  2. I am not sure if this exists but I would like to have some software which I could log what I have seen and when I have seen it. Kind of like sticking a pin in a star map.. Is there anything out there that can do this?
  3. I really like this! Nice work!
  4. I saw this for the first time at SGL4. It was my favorate thing that I veiwed! It looked good through my C80ED but looks even better here
  5. Thanks Tony. Yes I looked at that one too. I think I might get that one instead. I don't like the idea of the Rigel only being attached by a sticky pad.
  6. Oh thats OK then I didn;t like to think I was missing out on something heheheh
  7. I am thinking of buying one of these as I used a RDF at SGL4 and it really helped me to find stuff. They only thing is I am not sure how it mounts on your telescope.. Is it a standard dovetail bracket which will slide into the standard finderscope bit on my scope? If anyone has got any pics of their RDF set up that would be good
  8. Am I being blind but I can't find the thread for SGL5...
  9. I would just like to add my thanks onto the ones above. I had an absolutely amazing nights viewing last night and I learn't heaps. Especially thanks to James and Greg for helping me out with my motor drive etc and to the guys that cookes the awsome chilli!! I will defo be attending the next one for sure!
  10. We will hopfuly be there by around 7 ish. Really looking forward to meeting everyone and leaning loads!!!
  11. I have to go to work on the Friday and leave my other half to pack... Yikes.....
  12. Ummm Waterloo I think... I was on my way to a show
  13. I don't think we will be there until early eve.. probably around six. No worries if we miss it We have a camping stove and everything
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