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Thomas Jacquin's Allsky software (RPi) updated to v0.8


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I've seen a couple of people on here use this software, so I thought I'd better let you know that it has been updated to version 0.8 -> https://github.com/thomasjacquin/allsky

There are a few improvements and bug fixes, and a handful of extra settings to play with.

I like the software and am glad of the update, as it appeared to have gone a bit stale.

Updating requires a re-clone of the github clone address, which involves deleting the previous allsky folder first, so make sure you back up or note all of your camera settings, ftp addresses etc first!



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This allsky project is full steam ahead, with a very active team fixing bugs daily and improving the software over all.

Anyone with a PI, a PI camera module or ZWO camera should give it a go if you want an allsky. Even putting it on a tripod whilst you image / observe and taking it back indoors after is a very good way to monitor the sky.

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Another project to add to my list just after I finish:

1. My CNC machine

2. My CNC Software

3. My Borg automatic  focusor (almost done there)

4. My Astrotracker (just need to wire it up, oh and get a small camera)

5. Fix my Ender 3 Pro

6. Earn some money for the above

Anyway, it does look a nice project, and given the fact it's waterproof, perfect for the rubbish weather we are having.,


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It doesn’t have to be the same, the enclosure can be anything suitable but the underlying software is probably the most reliable I have used and still very active in terms of development.

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