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  1. Hi, looking for a 2Kg (or similar) sized weight for my EQ6. I have loats of 4Kg (no idea why), but these are too heavy for my AP rug. Colour unimportant, must be 20mm hole with screw fastner. (standard stuff I think). Please think about postage to North Yorkshire. Thanks Rob
  2. I'm looking for a few eye piece holders for two astronomy cams. These seem to be impossible to find in the UK. Looking for 50mm diameter abd 75-100mm in length. Please let me know if you any for sale. Thanks Rob
  3. Am looking for a sensibly priced mono guide camera, something like a QHY 5L or similar. Clearly must be in full working order, preferably in box with accessories. If you have one please let me know. Thanks Rob
  4. I have now put the ability to tile print very large pages, e.g. A0 will print out around 25 A4 pages. There are no special user requirements, just a normal PDF reader and a printer. You can specify whether the tled output is A3, A4 or Letter. This functionality is only available on the new settingcircles website (which is not yet released) but if you send me the dimensions I can generate an appropriate PDF with the right number of pages. Rob
  5. If you do create anything useful could you post it to me so I can incorporate it into the new version coming up. The new version is far more up to date and has lots new features including templates, history lists, Hartman masks, Bahinitov masks. Rob
  6. Website back up. It turns out a PHP upgrade seriously broke something. <spit>. Rob.
  7. Just seen the post, it's not working and no idea why. I'm looking at it now. Rob.
  8. The problem is not the PDF generation, it's how you print it. A 12" radius produces a linear strip 75" long. Thats over 6ft (or around 2m). You would need a plotter to print it out and most people don't have plotters. Thats why the largest sheet you can print on is A0, and even at that standard size, 33" x 46" many print shops would balk at. The largest size that would fit on a A0 page is around a 200-220mm radius (8" - 9" radius, 16"-18" diameter). I could look at custom page sizes but how would you print it? Rob
  9. At the risk of jumping into a thread, I wrote a (free) website for generating setting circles of just about any size. Have a look at http://settingcircles.robertwillett.com. You can draw both flat circles and strips to wrap around a base (as above). All the best, Rob.
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