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NGC 7635 - Bubble Nebula

Mike JW

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Having visited the  Nova Cas 2021 I thought I would tweak the scope and go across to the nearby Bubble Nebula. I was rather surprised by how much I was able to pick up with a 7" scope and in less than 5 minutes. This nebula lies about 7000 lyrs away and the bubble is about 7 lyrs across. The bubble is formed by the mag 8.7 star - near to the left of the bubble. It is  large, young blue star about 4 million lyrs old. Its intense UV radiation is ionising the surrounding hydrogen to form H11. The bubble lies within a massive dust/gas cloud.


PS. ignore the 15@f3.5, it was STF 7"@ f6.0

After this I popped over to the Cats Eye Nebula but the result whilst OK is not worth posting.


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Hi Mike,

That's a really nice image of the Bubble!  It's considerably cleaner and sharper than the first and while you say, there's not a huge difference in detail it looks quite abit fuller (I assume because of the extra resolution of the 15").  Well done!

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