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Hubble documentary, heads up...


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Date: 5th February 2009[br /]Time: 19:00 UTC[br /]Sky Channel: Nat Geo (526)

Title: "Hubble's Final Frontier"[br /]Description: "Can astronauts save the Hubble space telescope one last time before it is decommissioned? Documentary charting NASA's dangerous mission to refurbish the venerable stargazer"[br /]Duration: 1 hour[br /]

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Thanks for the heads up!

I have done a search on here, has the "Ultra deep field" picture ever been discussed on here in any detail?

I have been reading up in the detail on wikipedia, only covers 1 ,13 billionth of the sky the area of a grain of sand held at arms length and there are over 10,000 galaxies visible.

Totally shocking and amazing.

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