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  1. Just come in from a third go at these two. I just can't see them so I am giving up as I'm just getting frustrated and that's not fun. Time to move on from Gemini. I did see 38 Gem, which to me looked a nice double of white and red. Supposed to be yellow and blue Time for a few beers in the warm I think!!
  2. Heh, ok so it's just me being useless I will have another go when I next get out. Cheers Andy
  3. Nice collection Ian. Out of interest, when you say "no colour", what exactly do you mean? Cheers Andy
  4. Nice work Ian , you certainly do pack a lot into an observing session!! Cheers Andy
  5. Had my second go in recent nights at some doubles in Gemini. Before the clouds rolled in, I was having a lot of trouble seeing delta and kappa Gem. the stats for both are very similar with (roughly) a separation of 7", angle = 220 and magnitudes = 3.5 & 8. Should these be difficult? I'm guessing the difference in magnitudes is the problem, though I would have thought that a separation of 7" would be wide enough to help with that? Cheers Andy
  6. Thanks for the explanation Ian. I've just given up as both the seeing and transparency are appalling i.e. it's bobbins with a high jigglymush factor cheers andy
  7. Ian, I have just come in from looking at Iota Cancri and to me it looked white and blue. Nice easy double at 48x. I also looked at: Zeta Cancri - Nice pair, both of which looked white to me (needed the Barlow to split it). Both of these are meant to be yellow but I just didn't see it. Phi Cancri - Again needed the Barlow to split this double. A nice one this, both of which appeared to be white. I seem to be having trouble seeing yellow On a positive note, I'm definitely getting better at finding things which is nice. Cheers andy
  8. Nice report. A great coincidence as I have literally just come in from outside where I was looking at M44 and thinking I must get a target list of doubles and print out a map I'll be sure to put some of the ones you mentioned on the list. Cheers Andy
  9. This is probably of no interest to anybody but you never know. I have converted the WDS catalog into a sqlite database as part of an observing notes application I am going to write (I'll be writing in the observing forum about this). If anyone would like a copy of the database, let me know. Cheers Andy
  10. Thanks Ian, I will have a look at iota Cancri next time I get out, assuming I can find it Cheers Andy
  11. Heh I knew it, all my Here and Now stuff is on vinyl in the loft. Haven't listened to them for years. I had my first ever pint in a pub before one of their gigs and it cost 50p Good choice mate. Cheers Andy
  12. Great to hear your daughter is getting better, must be a relief. Lovely pictures, but the music is bugging the hell out of me. Here and Now? Omnia Opera? it's somebody like that! Cheers Andy
  13. That's a nice list of podcasts. I am working through the excellent astronomycast past episodes while walking my dogs. I listened to number 95 today so I'm not far off the current episode. I was wondering what I was going to listen to when I caught up and that list should provide me some good alternatives. Cheers Andy
  14. There are some audio lectures at: http://www.learnoutloud.com/Content/Topic-Pages/Astronomy-101/72 I have listened to some of Astronomy 161 podcasts and they are not bad. Cheers Andy
  15. Thanks Dave, I may have to check that out. Cheers Andy
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