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  1. Hi Admin,

    I'm unable to edit or delete a posting I made in the for sale classifieds section, please can you help?

    Thanks, Steve


    1. Dinsdale Piranha

      Dinsdale Piranha

      Unlikely admin will read a status update.

      You'll not be able to Delete a post on SGL, only admin and mods can do that. But usually you an edit posts, maybe something specific in the permissions for the buy/sell section.

      Suggest you post a query in the bugs/suggestions board, that'll get seen really quick by the mod and admin team. :)

    2. WebSentinel


      Thanks, I posted here because Admin didn't reply to my private message.  I'll try bugs/suggestions board as you.... erm, suggest! ?

    3. Dinsdale Piranha

      Dinsdale Piranha

      Don't forget that the admin team (Steve and grant) generally log in as themselves, and only login as Admin when they have to. So they may not have seen it yet.

      The bugs section will get their attention pretty quick :)


  2. I've just started out in AP and I've started looking at LP filters as my Eastern skies are somewhat light polluted (thanks to the docks) - this article has been the perfect primer for me. Thank you very much Martin!
  3. Very nice capture Malcolm, plenty of detail to see. The first video is my favourite, the colour looks natural.
  4. I have a Dell Inspiron N5040 laptop running Windows 8.1 64 bit and version 0.12.4 of Stellarium. I've connected the HC of my Celestron VX mount via a 'Plugable' USB Serial adapter (PL2303HX Rev D Chipset). I've installed the latest 'Prolific' driver for the Serial Adapter ( I've setup the plugin within Stellarium and configured the telescope to use 'Celestron Nexstar (Compatible)' device mapping and the serial port is set to COM3 (which is connected when checked in the 'device manager'). Stellarium reports the telescope as 'Connected' - but I cannot see any 'target' or 'telescope label' - and if I select an object and ask Stellarium to 'slew the telescope' nothing happens. I've tried just about everything including installing ASCOM 6.1 Platform and the latest Celestron drivers as well as the latest stable version of 'Cartes Du Ciel' and nothing seems to work. I've even installed additional Windows Features via the control panel such as 'Legacy Components' and 'Print and Document Services' but to no avail. I checked the 'Plugable' USB Serial Adapter prior to purchasing and its the recommended version by Celestron and has the chipset which is compatible with Windows 8.1 64 bit. Has anyone else had a similar experience and resolved it? I'm really hoping I don't have to go down the route of installing Windows 7 as I would hate to have to do that only to find it doesn't work (and yes, I do have Virtual Box and Windows 7 installed but unfortunately, the graphics card is so limited on this laptop that Stellarium won't run in the VM). Any help and or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Didn't that happen to John Travolta in Phenomenon? Trying seeing if you can make a pencil move without touching it!
  6. Ah, good point - the curse of the new scope! According to the forecast the C8 might actually see 'first light' on its first night (so long as nothings been damaged in transit).
  7. You're being somewhat modest - all three are fantastic captures!
  8. Nice mosaic Ian, lots of sharp, clean detail - I like it a lot! My C8 Edge-HD VX Goto has just been delivered, can't wait to get home and unpack it - brings out the kid in me!
  9. Nice capture, framing and info display - I like it a lot!
  10. I'm a complete novice when it comes to AP, so I can't comment or provide any advice but I recently came across this youtube video whilst researching how to take a good Milky Way photo - it shows how to eek out a great image from a heavy LP location such as Los Angeles - it's well worth viewing just to see the stunning Milky Way images that Ian Norman has created but there might be some good tips in there to help.
  11. Glad to hear you've managed to finally see M13, its definitely a fave of mine - especially in a big Dob!
  12. Nice report Jimmy - I live between Southampton and the New Forest and around 21.51 last night was treated to the ISS flying overhead, maybe that was the 'satellite' you mentioned in your report or did you pack up before then?
  13. Looked out at about 20:30 BST tonight and realised the sky had cleared so, I decided to run some rough tests on an old NexImage web cam that I have lying around using Windows 8.1 - the intention being to use it as a guidescope when my C8 arrives later this month. I picked up my trusty WO 72FD Megrez 72mm refractor on a WO EzTouch mount and wood tripod for the testing instead of dragging the Skywatcher 300P dobsonian out from the garage and also because I've just sold my Omni 120 XLT and motorised CG4 mount. Whilst running a few tests and aiming at the moon I was treated to the ISS entring my sky from the WSW and exiting in SSE at 21:51 BST - it lit up due to the moon and the solar panels clearly shone and where visible with the naked eye. That's only the second time I've witnessed the ISS passing overhead and the first time at night and it was exhilirating and awe inspiring. The intention was to pack up after taking a few videos of the moon using the NexImage but I decided to take the opportunity to view Jupiter - placing my Baader 13mm, I focused the 72FD and Jupiter swam into view along with four moons. I soaked up the image before uping the magnification using my 5x Telelvue powermate. This is pushing the optics to the limit but I was suprised how clear Jupiter appeared and the eye relief was still good. I then moved the telescope over to the SSE and focused on Mars, again first using the 13mm and then zooming in using the powermate, I was able to make out some minor details - basically some slightly darker patches and a slight reddish glow but overall the image was very bright - I probably need a filter of some kind. Next I decided to check out Mizar and Alcor which looked beautiful in the 13mm and amazing with the use of the powermate. Finally, I focused on Polaris and with the 13mm, the use of the powermate and some averted vision I was just about able to make out the Polaris B star. What a great spur of the moment visual observing session using a lovely 72mm refractor - Guy Consolmagno (Turn Left at Orion) is absolutely right - a small scope, a little knowledge and a clear sky makes this hobby an absolute joy! Thanks for reading.
  14. Thanks for the review. I have a wide variety of EPs of various makes and models that I've used over the years but now that I have a C8 Edge-HD VX GOTO on order from FLO and I'm thinking of updating and upgrading my collection - to that end I've been looking at the Luminos range and I like the idea of having all Celestron kit but Luminos reviews are very rare, so thanks once again for posting, much appreciated.
  15. Good to see a dedicated double star website. Only downside is the use of Flash makes it unusable on an iPad/iPhone.
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