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  1. Its about 55mm x 30 x 30mm, the shiny thing is a strong magnet.
  2. Hello, out walking at the weekend and my son picked up an odd looking stone which i quickly took off him before he threw into a pond. Its very black, has an obvious molten side, heavy and is quite strongly magnetic, here are a few pics. No the best due to lighting and taken with phone. Have done some internet reading and suppose the next thing for me do do is to take a file to it and open a 'window' as they call it. In the mean time any other ideas what to do next? testing or opinions.
  3. I just cant get my head to accept a star can have more than 1 wobble, you cant wobble 3 different ways at once.
  4. Kepler uses the transit method for detection which i dont have issues with. Surely if more than 1 planet is tugging away at a star these wobbles are immeasurable as 1 conflicts the other. So again the doppler method can only be accurate if there is a single planet.
  5. So i was listening to radio 4 last night and have seen various programmes about the technique for ExoPlanet detection using the gravity wobble observation or doppler method. This got me thinking, surely this method which so far has been the most productive method is finding Exo's is hugely flawed. I mean that it can only be a reliable test if the star being focused on only has 1 single Exo planet. They cant measure the wobble of a star if there are for instance 10 Exo planets in the system. So is this a reliable method and if so how do they get around there being more than 1 planet in the st
  6. Amazing stuff, and to think over this time it has only travelled 1 light day or there abouts,
  7. Great images, trying to find in hi-rez anyone had any luck?
  8. Incredible footage as it came in http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=152_1360906606 The brightness is amazing, the second video especially as its almost head on to the camera, bet the driver was worried. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.liveleak.com/ll_embed?f=79e25c071713" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. Sad loss, all been said above, some of the younger gazers like myself will fondly remember him more for "The Games Master" in the 90's.
  10. Yeah, have recorded it all, superb stuff. The new tribute at 8 should be interesting, followed by my new favourite programme "hunt for bigfoot".
  11. Tonights full Moon and your wink to Neil Armstron on the day he was put to rest, nice coincidence. RIP.
  12. Saturn in the summer of 2007 i think it was in a Meade ETX-70, i will never forget it.
  13. Do we have any celebrity members?
  14. Should be an interesting watch to see what they have come up with.
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