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Orion Widefield

Luke Newbould

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Well, the sky promised to clear for a while yesterday (30th jan) - and it sort of kept it's promise!

I decided on trying to capture a video of me shooting the Orion constellation in the given window of time using my small setup, an AZ-Gti and eq wedge, canon 700d (modified) and 50mm f1.8 lens. - I also leveraged use of an Optolong UHC filter to try and cut through some of the light pollution.


In total I ended up getting basically 100 "usable" subs of 1 minute each, which I stacked in DSS and processed in PixInsight. -(in truth I think every single frame had cloud in some capacity!)

I'm quite happy with the end result given the challenging conditions during capture and limited exposure time, worth a revisit on a better evening.


Thanks for looking!


- here's the video for anyone interested!


orion 1hr 40 str.jpg

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Great video and wonderful image of Orion - lots of nebula and pinpoint stars showing off the beauty of this constellation in a perfect frame. Very well composed. I am wanting to bring out my 'nifty fifty' now!! Alas the weather!!



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