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Nexstar Observers List (NSOL)....help!!

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Hi all,

I've just spent three hours freezing my whatsits off trying to get this programme to work, again...let me explain. I downloaded the software the other day, got a serial-USB converter cable so that I could connect my laptop to the hand controller on my Nexstar11GPS. I plugged in my Watec Camera in one port, and the serial converter in the other port next to it (I made sure it was the same port I installed it to).I loaded up one of the preexisting lists (Messier), selected an object from the list and yipee, it worked first time! :hello1: Great I thought. So I got very excited and loaded up 'NS control pad' so that I could control the Nx11 from the laptop without fiddling with the controller. It didn't work! :crybaby: So, I thought, never mind I'll sort it another time.....I selected another object from the Messier list on NSOL, pressed the GOTO....Nothing! :( Looked at the top of the screen.....Selected 'Get Scope position'....It said that it could not communicate with the 'scope! :crybaby: Spent two hours fiddling.....Still won't work....What happened? Any ideas? :)

Cheers for your help...


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i'm new to telescopes etc but have 35 years in computers

i believe your problem could be the rs232 plug to usb adapter

very few seem to work & since your laptop probably has an existing rs232

dump the usb converter . it wont speed things up since it still

has to go through the comms architexture so why add an adapter

best regards

big aitch

hope this helps

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Hello Stef,

I know on the CGE you can't use tha hand controller and the nexremote system together. The computer should be plugged into the PC port and the hand controller disconnected.

I don't know if it's the same on the nexstar scopes but it's worth checking.


Good luck!


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Hi guys,

Thanks for the info....

'Big Haitch' - my lap top doesn't have a serial port, so I had to get a converter.

'Rob' , I'll try your suggestion, but I think my main gripe is that it worked the first time by connecting to the remote as instructed, so why not the second? :(

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Hi Steff,

Yes, if it's worked once it should work again!

What happens with my rig is that when I connect the scope to Starry night, it changes location to somewhere in Zaire!

Very odd, never did this with the meade :(



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