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M42 and 45 from Friday


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here is my go at m42 and 45 from Friday. Both sets of around 20 30 second subs shot with a 400d.

Not a patch on the many great images here but I was pleased to get some nebulosity on the renning man and around M45. These are shot in altaz and under heavy north east London light polutin so I have to keep the exposures short.


for looking


Equinox 80

Nexstar SE mount

Canon 400D

M42/3 and its NGC friends:


(click to enlarge)



(click to enlarge)

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I thinks that I can manage 45 seconds as long as I do not shoot above 60 degrees and will definitely have a go with that. I am shooting at iso 800 and with a relatively weak 2" skywatcher LP filter.

Would it be worth trying to have a go at iso 1600 or without the filter?

thanks again


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