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The Coma Galaxy Cluster - LRGB

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Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! Here is a photo I have finally processed to my liking. I collected this data very early this year in Pine, Colorado under bortle 4 skies.

The Coma Cluster:

The Universe is just a bit bigger than the world around you. We live in an era when people forget to look upwards. They forget to look upwards at the vast environment that surround them. It spans onward for infinity. Looking to the skies, simply said, puts us in our place. Do not fear the vastness. Let it override your senses with awe and wonder. Do not fear it. Let it instill a sense of peace and a sense of rarity. We are so extraordinarily lucky to have the ability, as conscious beings, to ponder this universe. We are such a tiny blip in the grand scheme of things...but we ARE here, and that's pretty damn cool.

Below is a picture of a very large structure. This is a cluster of galaxies that lies 322 million light years away in the constellation Coma Berenices. There is well over 1,500 galaxies in this image Which I took from my backyard. A galaxy cluster is one of the largest structures in the observable universe. All of these galaxies are bound by the immense gravitational force of the central cluster. You can see a couple different types of galaxies in this image such as Spiral and Barred Spiral galaxies as well as elliptical galaxies.

Over 1,500 galaxies. Each of these galaxies have over a 100 billion suns and some up to nearly a trillion. Many, many of these stars are hosts to a planetary system. Many of these planets are likely orbiting around the habitable zone of their sun. Many of them probably have life.

I hope you all enjoy!
10" F/ 3.9 Newtonian
iOptron CEM60
Astrodon LRGB / ZWO 8X31mm FW
Exposure Details:
13hrs Lum
6hrs RGB (Total)
19hrs - 114x600s
Gain: 0 Offset: 10

The Coma Cluater Quattro LRGB.jpg

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