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Walking on the Moon

Amazing experience

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Hi all,

Just read the article by Chips (great story) and thought you might like to know how i became interested in astronomy. In 2005 we spent Christmas at my daughters home in Southern Ireland. At about 11pm feeling the effects of over indulgence we decided to take the dog for a walk and get some fresh air. I should mention that they live in the middle of nowhere so light pollution is not a problem. With torch in hand we walked for about 500 yards trying not to slip on the ice as the temperature was -5 when I decided to switch off the torch, what we saw then was a complete revelation as there did not appear to be any visible sky just millions of stars. After about 20 minutes looking at this awesome sight we had to return to the house before we froze. Ihave never seen anything like this before or since and I wish all of you with the dreaded light pollution could have experienced it. On my next visit in April I will no longer have to view the stars with the naked eye as I will be taking my new toy with me, I just hope to get some clear nights.



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Quite an awesome experience Maurice, certainly takes the breath away. I had the same experience the first time I went to my son's house in the countryside in Oz. Not just thousands of stars with gaps between them but a complete sugar dusting of white across the whole sky. Globs in plain view along with the Magellanics. One of those never to be forgotten moments. The sad thing is we could have sky like that here.

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