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  1. Hi Alex Welcome from up north in Formby. Maurice.
  2. About 9pm last night I went outside for a Hamlet moment and looked to the skies and wished I was at home so I could spend some time with my scope. The sky above was very clear with cloud away to the south when I saw a Bright object passing Procyon, it was about the same size as Procyon but was travelling too fast to be a plane ( and had no flashing lights ) and not fast enough for a shooting star. After passing by Procyon it headed in a South East direction and was then covered by the clouds, Any ideas what it was ? Thanks. Maurice.
  3. Hi Pete, I have a SW 130P, your suggestion sounds good in theory but I have enough trouble locating the red dot and keeping it in the right position, must be an age thing. Regards, Maurice.
  4. Many thanks for all your advice. As suggested I tried twisting the front lenses a little at a time and eventually the double vision changed to a clear single image Conveniently a plane was passing very high in the sky and I was pleased to see even at that distance the image was clear and no double vision was apparent. Once again there seems to be no limit to the knowledge and experience on the SGL site. Thanks again. Maurice.
  5. Earlier this evening I looked outside to see if the clouds had cleared and to my surprise they had, so I set up my scope and was looking foreward to an evenings viewing. After setting up I went to swith on the red spot finder only to find it was already switched on and had been for at least 7/10 days, which was the last time the sky was reasonably clear, needless to say the battery was totally flat ( must remember to buy 2 and keep one as a spare in case I do it again). I did manage to find Saturn and Pleiades with some difficulty so I decided to put the scope away and use my binos which was still very pleasing. The main reason for this post is to remind you not to do the same thing, but hopefully you are not as forgetful as I am. Maurice.
  6. I was given a pair of bresser 10x50 binos by a friend who bought them on impulse from Lidl, as I wanted a pair to take to my daughters in Ireland. I tried them out tonight as there is no cloud but unfortunately I am getting two images of the same object no matter how I adjust or focus them. Are they a lost cause or can anybody advise what to do ? Thanks in advance. Maurice.
  7. Hi Eli. As a novice myself I cant help much on your technical questions, but I have a SW 130P and i think you might want to replace the supplied 10mm ep as I found it very difficult to use. Eventually I opted for the SW 9mm LER ep for about £30.00 inc P&P which was a big improvement. Hope this helps. Maurice.
  8. SGL must be THE most informative site. Thanks for the info. Maurice.
  9. Hi Mike, Welcome from across the Mersey. Maurice.
  10. Wow those pictures certainly make you feel insignificant
  11. Just noticed a new sky at night programme on BBC4 Monday at 7.30pm. Maurice.
  12. Once again many thanks for your quick reply, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for a clear night.
  13. Thanks for your quick response, could you please tell me if there is a best time to view Lulin as I wont be able to look untill about 1.00am tonight, clouds permitting. Thanks.
  14. For the first time in over a week we had some clear skies last night so I set up the SW 130P and armed with my 10x50 bins set about looking for Comet Lulin. Between 10.00pm and midnight I kept my eyes on a line between Saturn and Regulus but did not see anything resembling a comet. If anyone can give me a clue to where I might be going wrong I would really appreciate it. It wasnt all bad though as I got my first sight of Saturn, which was amazing through the 9mm ep.
  15. Bought a 130P at the beggining of January as my first scope and in its limited use because of CLOUDS I have been very pleased with it, especially looking at the moon.
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