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I have noticed dewing especially without the light shroud so personally I wouldn't be without it. The tape he attaches draws very little power, far less than a dew strap I bought online over here but still  keeps the secondary clear. 

I also bought the covers and these keep it lovely and clean when not in use. 

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2 hours ago, flyingdutch20 said:

@bomberbaz thanks. I'm not concerned about cooling down as I will be keeping it in ambient temperature. However am in doubt whether I should have had the heater for secondary.  Any advise? 

Further to the above, the secondary is quite exposed on this scope, you will likely need something at some point. I didn’t like the idea of using a shroud on such beautiful equipment so the dew tape it was.

I did purchase the base weights but I have some very heavy eyepieces. Without the heavy eyepiece you may be able to do without. There is I think an M8 thread in the centre of the base to screw into. Could be M6. 

With the dsc installed, all you really need is a red dot finder to help aligning. I also recommend a illuminated reticle eyepiece for aligning, I use one and my accuracy is always to within a 1/4 of a degree.

Whilst on aligning, I look for a southerly star as my first one and my second either east or west. This give the dsc the best alignment as you will always not be quite level. 

Back to the rdf, I actually use a laser but it's all the same purpose. Swing the scope round close to where you want to be and with your phone zoomed in, you can get spot on to your intended target. The phone app I use is sky safari 6 plus full version. 

If I can think of anything else I will add to this. 

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I followed your advice and added the heater 🙂 

I have an RDF which I use on my refractor, much prefer that over finder scopes.

Interesting your suggestion of an illuminated reticle eye piece. Next star party I will see if I can borrow one to try it out.

BTW we're not too far from each other, do you do any star parties? I tend to do the Dalby Forest star camp (Scarborough & Ryedale Astro Society) in late August, nice dark skies. Also been to Kielder but that's November - very cold but stunning skies when clear....

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On 12/09/2022 at 10:55, bomberbaz said:

Can't remember if i am honest but it was under 200 quid extra, still worth it though. 

I have seen deeper and further with this that i have with any other scope I have had.

It is easy to transport and assemble and the DSC system finds hard to find fuzzy's to within quarter of a degree. 

In short it is everything I ever wanted in one. 

I can vouch for this. Truly are a brilliant scope and worth every penny. 

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2 minutes ago, Simon128D said:

I can vouch for this. Truly are a brilliant scope and worth every penny. 

Which one did you get Simon, and what add ons. 

I may start a fresh thread soon for Taurus users if I can find enough users to warrant it !

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sorry for the late reply. I get my T500 in 2021 and stored it inside our house. So normal conditions. Since i have the telescope, i also have splintering wood parts. Its not a big deal but for 6000€ i was hopeing that such problems are not hapening. OAnother USer with these telescope have these problems with the wood too. But the owner ofer TT is really kind. I helped me by the problems and for example i get a new set of bearings. Maybe i am a to sensitive for such problems, the telescope works very well. 


Greetings, Stefan



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