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Walking on the Moon

Another first moon photo


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Hi Milan, thats a nice first image , hope you dont mind me doing a bit of work on it , it does show you have plenty of nice data there and your focus is good,just need to work a bit more on the process, taking down the brightness a few levels and a touch of sharpening .

The moon is a great way to get into Astro Imaging, could spend a few years dabbling with this ,i started out with Lunar , and learnt my processing craft this way before moving on to DSO work , so good luck ,look foward to more from you.



(click to enlarge)

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No Problem at all, it looked a bit dark at home so i upped the brightness, but here at work it looks a little too much. (Done in aperture on the RAW file)

How much sharpening did you apply?

Thanks for the feedback :hello1:

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very little ,just a small tweak to liven up the detail, always be careful when sharping Lunar images,we do tend to over sharpen if our data is,nt the best,,especially on close in shots, its always worth waiting for those settled moments before releasing that trigger Lol.and use the Lasso in PS around areas you are not happy about, make a Lasso around the bright area and use the tools to work that area to your liking, hope i,m not teaching you to suck eggs here ,


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