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Another SpaceX first, well actually a couple.

maw lod qan

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With me working Monday, I didnt realize SpaceX had another launch, a South Military satellite.

But in their tradition of being on the cutting edge, they managed a booster turn around in 51 days. The one used was the one that put our astronauts back in space.

Then they managed to catch both nose cone fairings parachuting back before they went into the water. I'm pretty sure I've read they cost 6 million for the pair.

I've said it before. If we would have had this mentality all along, what would we have accomplished by now?

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I watched the launch and booster return. It's 3rd, I think they said.

Wow! $6m for an oversised observatory dome? I think I see a new career path. It's not rocket science... :)

I agree with your closing sentiment. Although I think I'm in a minority, I think the Space Shuttle and to some degree ISS have been a mill stone round NASA's neck. They, NASA, needed to justify their budgets and existence but backed the wrong horses more than once.

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