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Collimating adjustment of SW ED80 objective?

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Has anyone got info on how the SW ED80 objective is collimated?

I've just removed the front cell, unscrews from the tube, and there are no obvious signs of adjustment screws....

Dr Google doesn't have much to say about collimating the SW ED80...
The nearest I could find was the CN discussion:

Is this as good as it gets????



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Hi Ken,

I don't recall that there is any objective tilt adjustment on the ED80. Or the ED100 an ED120 for that matter.

When I had ED80's (a while ago) I had to shim the end of the scope tube with insulation tape or similar to impart tilt to the objective / objective cell as needed.

The focuser alignment with the optical axis is adjusted in the same way.

It is crude I'm afraid.

In fairness I found that the ED100 I owned and my current ED120 have not needed any collimation adjustment but for some reason the ED80's (I have had 2 of them) both did :icon_scratch:


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