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Synscan update problem

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Having a problem getting my Synscan handset to update. Using USB to serial converter from my laptop running vista. Drivers on this cable seem to be working OK (prolific usb to serial).

I can get the firmware loader to check the current synscan setup, hardware 3.03, firmware 3.10, database 2.02, but firmware update fails after sitting on 0.00% for thirty seconds. Tried going for the lo speed option, that fails too.

First time I've tried to update the handset, what am I missing?

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OK the 'real' serial port idea I am sure would work fine, but I bought this laptop specifically for astronomy and not being able to update the Synscan ment it fell at the first hurdle.

So I cured it with a sledgehammer....... bye bye vista hello slipstreamed XP install. Synscan update worked first time.

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On XP (not tried in Vista as its on my other PC). Set the port setting down to 9600 (slowest if I remember). Still update failed. Rebooted pc with adapter plugged in and it worked first time. Not had to update since so may have been luck.

I don't think the USB - Serial adapters and Syncscan like anything but the slowest bitrate.

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