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I eventually sorted it thanks.

Had to put the software on my lap top as its not Vista 64 capable.

Problem is now my settings are screwed. I even have to set the time / dates etc.

This is a real ball ache .. I thought it was more intelligent :?

Problem also is the auto star is as easy as it was. I'm a beginner so I only know where Betelgeuse is for sure.

I'm sure when I bought it, the auto align just sorted everything out for me. I don't remember all this hassle. :)

My Meade 2090 is easy to set up... just point north and and go. Make small adjustments when the star is locked on and press align as you go. This keeps tweaking and keeping the everything accurate. I cant find the align update in the hand set of the nextstar so minor tweakes are a pain?

Any thoughts?


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Try going into menu-utilities and check the GPS is on.

If it’s a new scope it should not require the upgrade unless you specifically wish to upgrade.


I upgraded it.

It seems OK now.

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Since buying an astrotrac I havnt used this CPC8 for 5 weeks.

Last night i got the thing out and set up only to have the ''Transmit Data'' bug again!.

This time I tried a quick flash update and get a 'bank error '

The set is now un updatable.

I can count on both hands how many times I've used this telescope. ;)

I seem to be having a lot of bad luck with astronomy gear :rolleyes:

Any thoughts please?

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