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Skymax 90


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Hi guys

just wondering if anyone has a Skymax 90 and what are they like? I don't really need one but I like small functional things and they seem to pack a punch in a small package. The current deal on the table top mount and bag looks good for around £115, especially when the OTA seems to be £145.

This is the trouble when it's cloudy, I start looking at kit.


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The skymax 90 is a good scope, i have it's bigger brother - the skymax 127, i have found it is good at imaging Lunar & planetary, observing double & variable stars, observation of clusters & bright deep sky objects.

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Yes, I have the Skywatcher 90mm Mak. (f14). It's a lovely little scope. Very portable. Easily carried on almost any decent camera tripod. Good focuser. Will take mag up to about 200x. Excellent on the Moon and planets. Obviously not so good with deep sky, but will resolve M31.

I use mine as a grap and go, and for taking on holiday, and catching animal/bird photos.

However, if you are going for a 90mm, why not go for the 127 version. (the 90mm version is so good, it might leave you wanting the bigger 127mm anyway!!).

Best wishes,


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I can second what's being said - I've had mine for just over a year and love it to bits... sharp optics, portability (I have it EQ1 mounted and it still fits into a medium sized rucksack (30L) with EP's, Turn Left at Orion etc) it's a steal at that price.


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Would buying this eyepiece increase its field of view, and therefore make it better for looking at deep sky objects?

This thread is 3 years old so you may have to wait a while for a reply :)

Those eyepieces do have more field of view than a standard plossl of the same focal length but a 32mm plossl will show as much sky as any 1.25" eyepiece can.

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