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Guiding using QHY5 and PHD..


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I've just got a QHY5 camera for my birthday and want to use it for guiding an EQ6 Pro.

The QHY5 isn't on the list of supported cameras, but I see people are using this combo. When loading PHD which camera should I select ?

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I thought the driver install was OK, and when I plug the camera into the laptop the camer shows an LED light up. But when I select the CCD Q guider in PHD I get a message "No Camera"...any ideas?

I downloaded the drivers from QHYCCD.com..

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Thanks for your replies..I've finally managed to get PHD to recognise the camera. I downloaded the drivers for the QHY5 from the astrosoft site, replacing the drivers that I originally got from the QHYCCD site

I'm still scratching my head though.....seems strange that the drivers on the "official" QHY site don't work.. :)

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I had similar problems - still don't know why :? I Cleared out the original drivers today and replaced them with the latest (Tom's 1024 type) drivers and all is well.

The strange thing was that the camera worked with Guidmaster but not PHD, but now it works with both.

Glad you got it working :)


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