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Missed opportunity with the Rosette


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After doing a mad imaging dash on various targets last night (M42, Double Cluster as yet unprocessed), I decided to call it a night at 1.30 am due to an early start at work today. Just as a test of how well the guider was working I took a 7 minute "snapshot" of the Rosette nebula then dismantled all the gear and went to bed. Had a surprise today when I got this image off the camera, and now wish I'd put some effort into framing and taking more and longer subs.


(click to enlarge)

Details - 7 minutes single frame, no darks, no flats, ISO800 unmodded Canon 450d at prime focus on SW ED80.

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HI Andy,

I think we have all been there and done taht - and wasted a few hours on mis-fremed target...

I wind the ISO right up for a framing sub these days... just remebr to put it back down for imaging though...

I'm sure when you go back to it it will be a stunning image becuas eapart from the croping everything else is spot on :)


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