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Azgti firmware updating with a Mac

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I'm a new user and don't have much experience with stargazing and telescopes yet. But Macs is a topic i know a lot about. And i also recently bought an AZ GTI. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that Sky-Watcher supports Macs but there is a workaround that i have successfully used.

There is an OpenSource project named Wine which basically allows Linux and macOS to run certain Windows applications. 

All I did was to download the free WineBottler software and afterwards the Motor Controller Firmware Loader - Wifi and Firmware and do the following:

1. Open WineBottler and select Advanced

2. Press "select File..." and choose the downloaded "Motor Controller Firmware Loader - Wifi" Windows application

3. Choose "copy file (Program) and all files in the folders to the App Bundle."

4. Be sure to make the app Self-contained by selecting "Include Wine.app, so the user doesn't have to install it."

The rest of the configuration should just be left like it is.

5. Press "Install" button and select a name for the application and where to save it.


Now you should be able to update the AZ GTI firmware:

1. Turn it on and connect your Mac wirelessly to it

2. Open the newly installed "Motor Controller Firmware Loader - Wifi" application

3. Browse to the Firmware file downloaded from Sky-Watcher

4. Press the Update button


That's it ?




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I tried the above instructions however i can no longer get Wine Bottler to work using the latest iOS update Big Sur. Below may help. 

I use Crossover to run software such as Autostakkert, Astrosurface etc you can download a free trial.

The update did take 3 attempts. Twice with a failed update. Success the third time updating within 30 seconds. Simply power off the AZ-GTI and start the installer process again step 4.

Be wary. I've read a few horror stories when attempting to update the firmware.

1. Download the files

Download crossover free trial

Download Windows program: Motor Controller Firmware Loader - WiFi, Version 1.74 and unzip

Download the Firmware: AZGTi Mount, Right Arm, AZ/EQ Dual Mode, Version 3.26 and unzip

2. Create a windows environment

Create new bottle click the + bottom left

Choose windows 10 64 bit

Once installed click the Run Command

3. Turn on the AZ-GTI

Turn on the AZ-GTI

On the mac connect to the Synscan wifi network

4. Run the installer

Browse and select the Motor Controller Firmware Loader - WiFi, Version 1.74 file you downloaded earlier it should be named MCFirmwareLoader_WiFi.exe and click Run

Browse and select the Firmware file AZGTi_RightArm_AZ_EQ_V0326.mcf

The IP address should be added by default

Untick synscan wifi dongle

Click update

Good luck

Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 11.31.52.png

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Hi all,
Just a quick note to thank MacBrian and Dean for the tips on running .exe applications on the Mac! I didn't really know about Wine or CrossOver, but I followed Dean's very clear instructions for using CrossOver to run the Sky-Watcher firmware loader and it worked a treat. Now let's see if the firmware update solved my root problem of getting Sky Safari to drive the Sky-Watcher Star Discovery wifi goto mount to the right place in the sky!
Thanks again for a great post.

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Haven't got the same mount as I use an azgti, and I've got sky safari 7 connected to it. I however cannot get it to align manually (ie I know I've physically got the scope on target but sky safari is a little off but doesn't sync, there's just a blank error window which comes up). If anyone knows how to sort please suggest, I had started a topic on it when the issue occurred:




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