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Walking on the Moon

Sunspot 2721 nearly gone, 10/09/18


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Taken this morning at 07:00 (BST) from Crete, showing that sunspot 2721 has nearly gone.


43686547265_a063b78138_h.jpgThe Sun in Calcium-K, from Crete. Sunspot 2721 has nearly gone, 10/09/18 by Robin DrRobin, on Flickr

Hydrogen Alpha

43686527635_4500408eb1_b.jpgThe Sun in Hydrogen Alpha, from Crete. AR 2721 has nearly gone, 10/09/18 by Robin DrRobin, on Flickr

We head home tomorrow, so unless there is something amazing this is my last post from Crete.  Thank you and goodnight.


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3 hours ago, Davey-T said:

All good things come to an end, sunspots and holidays.


How true! Back to warm beer and cold days (missus will have the boiler on full tilt) with the atmosphere filled with cold dust.  

(Note some of the previous might have been geographical over simplifications and are not really representative of the north east.  Yes there is no coal left so no coal dust either). Actually I quite like warm real ale, but this Euro beer makes for a pleasant change.

Still back to dodging the clouds and a reducing activity, I think this will be the last of my trips with a solar telescope until the other side of the minimum.


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