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Walking on the Moon

Probs with Coronado PST

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My Coronado PST doesn't get used very often and is kept safely in its box, so I can't understand what this problem is. This is the second time its happened, in succession. I changed the Barlow (can't get focus without one) and checked for leaks everywhere. Any idea what the cause might be? Is it still safe for visual? That's my main concern.


Solar issue.JPG

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Is this solely a photographic issue?. If there is any light haze in the atmosphere then a pinkish background often results, as does a "rusted" ITF, the filter inboard of the blocking filter. The PST should still be safe to use visually, there are enough solar radiation controlling elements in the optical train. Photographic light leakage is likely to be somewhere between the PST and the camera's focal plane.

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