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M13 Toucam


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Here's tonights efforts with the Toucam Pro SC1.5. and Star Travel 102.

I used gain 50% and 50x 35secs exposures .

Seeing 4/10 Misty and thin layers of high cloud :laugh:.. Camera showed lot's of interferance and noise hence the artifacts show in the image esp the top bar.

But still iam quite happy with it :laugh:



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Thats is a very good image I think for a toucam James Thats next thing for me then get my toucam pro upto a SC1.5 if anyone of us lot out there wants to put themselves one pace forwards for the soldering side My eyes wont cope with that kinda small work nowadays.

It aint being Diabetes related just that my minces are about shot need a damn good defragging and a new pair of binos

Goggles Glasses. :laugh:

went to the Optitions told him I was having trouble seeing he said look up there whats that ? I said its the Sun of course

he said Thats about 93 Million miles away just how well do you want to see?

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