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Celestron evolution woes..

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Hi, all, I  have  just got back in to astronomy...I've had a loads scopes over the year's from orion xti dobs to evostars to celestron nexstars and i currently bought a celestron evolution..its took me weeks to decided..tbh  I read the review and bumf and thought it was good but....i am not that impressed but a bit disappointed. I did the any 3 star alignment..ok, sent to Perseus double, yes it was in the e.p sent to andromada  ok, back to Perseus ..but then the time kept altering..and the WiFi disconnecting from sky portal..every few slews of the scope. In end i  switched it off and slacked thd clutch and used it manual, on saturn, i was messing with it till  1.20AM !! tbh i Cant fault the optics..btw had it out again today Sunday  tryed aligning on the moon via sky  portal  said scope too far out of alignment to reach moon! It was centered on the moon!  The scope was  level and i started it pointing north with lunar align  selected. so does the scope need to be pointing north? The bulls eye reticule on sky portal always  starts at north? Oh And the time kept altering! GPS was on, and use current time selected check Mark. Can we use any other software apart from celestron sky portal..on a Samsung galaxy e tab. Ps the android sky portal his  version 5 , i pad version 6!  Yours paul.

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I sometimes use Sky Safari on my iPad to control my Evolution 9.25.  It works well, but if you move the tablet too far away from the scope, it drops the connection and the alignment goes to pot when you re-connect.  I now put the iPad in a map case and hang it round my neck so it's always to hand and not too far from the scope.

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Contacted Flo..it's going back! the usless thing it his..optics are good though..but a lot to pay for something that don't work right! Never have any look with go to's although I had a Orion xti (profile pic) that was good..but the unit did not like the cold. Plus I got sick of wheeling it in and out the shed! 

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