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Omega Nebula with M18


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This is my version of the Omega nebula (Swan Nebula)  With M18 on the right hand side edge. Could only mage 160mins worth of Data over a few nights. Very low down and it likes to fly into the LED street light in the SW direction!  Will increase more data next year as its gettin towards full moon this week, and opportunity  passed

Telescope - 102mm APO ES refractor on a AVX mount

Camera- Canon 70d unmoded iso800 with a IDAS-D2 filter.  Heavily cropped

Duration 160 minutes  taken over  3 nights - 300s lights., Darks, flats and bias frames also taken

Guided with PHD2 and processed in PS

Of course improvement advice much appreciated :) 

Thanks for looking 




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16 hours ago, gonzostar said:

Ooops, Sorry the pic tells me its 111mb. Is that to big? 

Nice one, but 111 MB is too big for viewing. Jpeg at 1 - 2 MB is enough for online viewing.

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