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Help please: how do I convert "TRANSIT OF VENUS" coordinates?

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HI all


I've got a tough question for you folks. I'm contacting you about a property in Hawaii. The land title includes the following. How on earth do I accurately convert Transit of Venus coordinates into Longitude and latitude?? Thank you

"Lot No. 38, Registered Map No.2598, Sixth Land District, Government Remnants, Ili of Puehuhunui, more particularly described as:

Beginning at a pipe set in concretem at the South corner of this ot on the East side of the Valley Road, the coordinates of said point of beginning referred to Government Survey Triangulation Station "TRANSIT OF VENUS" being 5129.9 feet North and 3449.3 feet East, as shown on Government Survey Registered Map No. 2598 and running by true azimuths:

1. 182'   30'  
2.  276'   50'    
3.  5'       17'    
4.  32'    05'    

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Found a few other lots... in your transcription, there's a missing column in items 1-4... first two are degrees and minutes, and the third column should be feet... they define the shape of the plot.

Page 12 on https://evols.library.manoa.hawaii.edu/bitstream/handle/10524/149/JL27191.pdf possibly shows the location for the "Transit of Venus" station.

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Yup if you have the distances to move along those azimuths we could map out the plot accurately and get lat/longs. My best guess is that the plot is shaped like this, but without the distances... cant be sure


Hawaii 2.JPG

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The team manned observing stations on three different islands. The primary observing station was established by George Lyon Tupman on the island of Oahu in the Apua district of Honolulu. The site was atop the bell tower of Kawaiaha`o Church. Nearby Ali`iolani Hale, at that time the Hawaiian Kingdom's capitol building, was a second Oahu location atop the building's clock tower manned by an American observer. Two auxiliary stations were established, one in Waimea, Kauai, manned by Richard Johnson with assistance from Lieutenant R.H. Wellings of HMS Scout, and another in Kailua, Hawaii, manned by George Forbes and Henry Glanville Barnacle.[7]


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If it's relative to the primary station, the reference point is here:


From there, I get halfway along what is now Boyd Lane.


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I think it's referring to the auxiliary reference point on Kauai rather than the primary one in Honolulu - the pdf that Ruud posted refers to Kauai and also map number 2589 (same as the OP)

Bit of googling finds map number 2589 itself which has the missing distances on it.

This gives us lat/longs for plot 38 corners:

1) NW corner 21.9718, -159.6567

2) NE corner 21.9718, -159.6565

3) SE corner 21.97093, -159.6566

3) SW corner 21.9706, -159.6568



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