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So close to ordering, but then...

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Waldemar    304

No, that is not the right site. This one is the right one for the wireless system: http://starizona.com/acb/MicroTouch-Autofocuser---Wireless-P1041C745.aspx
And this one for the wired system: http://starizona.com/acb/MicroTouch-Autofocuser---Wired-P2715C745.aspx
Both work equally well, but the wireless is my favorite because of having a handbox at hand and not touching anything else or accidentally pull wires. 

At the bottom of the page you will find ordering options for motors and power adapters.

The low profile motor is the one you will want. The motor and two power adapters are included in the price, so is FocusMax version 3.8.
And they do ship outside the US without a problem. Shipping costs will be added and you will probably have to pay VAT and import fees for the UK
Dean (the owner of Starizona) is fast in answering emails and you can ask him anything.


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Waldemar    304

And another thing: you can dimm the EL panel with special sheets of filtering foil. Checkout this: http://www.gerdneumann.net/deutsch/astrofotografie-parts-astrophotography/aurora-flatfield-panels/aurora-accessories-aurora-zubehoer/graufilter-nd1-2-fur-315mm-aurora-flatfield-leuchtfolie.html

If you know what time you need now to get a flat, and know how long you want it to be, you can choose the right filter, or just ask Gerd.

The ND 1.2 is about 16 X dimmer then without, so if necessary you can combine filters to get the right lighting.

edit: I accidentally sent the German link, but it is in English as well, Choice at the left top of the page.

Edited by Waldemar

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Datalord    73

Ordered. I misread their small print, but that only applies to branded gear.

Thanks for the help. I'll no doubt come back with questions about this once it arrives.

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