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mosquitoes gloves


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Right now it's terrible the quantity of mosquitoes at night.. really painful to have a pleasant observation.  I have to be in body armor, many coats of shirts and pants, special net and fishing hat on my head...  that's OK But somewhat I can't find an effective pair of gloves to prevent mosquitoes bites.

Something flexible so I can sketch... Tonight, ill try to put on 2 pairs..

I saw these on the internet has anyone ever tried them?


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This product, Beatons midge jacket and hand protection is perhaps what you might be looking for. I use the Smidge the Midge repellent, listed on the site. I would expect that this outfit is popular for example, for Scottish fly fishing. Very unpleasant trying to observe let alone sketch when there are swarms of midges around, whatever precautions you take. Your situation sounds particularly challenging, last year on the isle of Mull in Scotland, when out with binoculars I managed to get by wearing a Tilley hat with mosquito head net, full body hugging clothing summer weight gloves which had been sprayed until a breeze later on dispersing and easing the encounter.  




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Hello Scarp15, thanks for the suggestion, it looks like a nice suit really  and I can order the mittens separately.

Alone I don't think it's enough against a full on attack of mosquitoes on my hands but over my actual pair of glove it could block 95% of the attacks for sure.

Ill check if I can order a pair.

Thanks again.




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