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Colour Jupiter - 8th April 2017

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From a rather good night in April, with my 12" Skywatcher 300p on an EQ8, with an ASI224MC.

This image actually made it into a BAA Jupiter article regarding the merger of two white ovals - theyre the ones on the bottom of the north equatorial belt to the lower left of the GRS.



2017-04-08-0135_4-NJH-1st-noLD_deconv=denoiselvls-sat-lvls-tidy-usm annot fuckabout bluredges IN BIG SPACE.png

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4 hours ago, BRADLEY 1953 said:

Hi ,   that is one superb image of the giant planet, lovely colours and intricate detail, one of the best I have seen,  lets see some more ?   Chris.

Hi Chris! Thanks, unfortunately I dont have too many more of that quality - blame the jetstream! I'll have a look though - sadly my processing orgranisation isnt what it could be!


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