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Penumbral eclipse

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Thanks, Andrew!

Yes, looking at the diagram for the event in the BAA Handbook, the Moon was more or less fully within the penumbra and the limb very close to the umbra at greatest eclipse.

Regards, Mike.

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    • By orion25
      Luna as she slipped through the Earth's ephemeral penumbra (partial shadow), darkening slightly. The area near the deeper part of the Earth's shadow (umbra) can be seen on the northern limb. There was a very thin veil of cloud so the shot wasn't as sharp as I would have liked. But I'm glad it wasn't clouded out completely. I used my Sony MiniDV to capture this at around 8 p.m. EST.
    • By Dominic Ford
      Last summer I spent some time playing around building a simulator to show what eclipses/transits will look like, customisable to any observing location on Earth. I was trying to work out which way up an eclipse would appear from my location, and found it surprisingly tricky without looking at a planetarium program.
      In case anyone's interested, my simulation of this coming weekend's penumbral lunar eclipse is here:
      My simulations of other eclipses are here: (I've done every eclipse from 1980 to 2050)
      I was originally hoping to publish the simulator in time for last year's transit of Mercury, but it turned into a much more massive project than I was expecting... Still, if you want to relive transits of yonder year (or get prepared for 2019), I've also built simulations of various transits of Mercury and Venus here:
      Not sure whether charts like this are actually useful, but I've not seen anything similar elsewhere. A good place to find out more about how to observe Saturday morning's penumbral eclipse is the BAA's handy guide here:
    • By Marci
      So, did I just manage to flukily capture a satellite alongside the moon tonight??

      EOS650D, 55-200mm kit zoom @ 200mm, ISO200 Singleshot. Deconvolved, cropped & processed in LightroomCC & PhotoshopCC.
    • By acr_astro
      Hi all,
      tonight, the clouds vanished for some hours so I set up the Dobsonian on the terrace and did a lunar sketch again.

      Telescope: Martini 10" f/5 Truss tube Dobsonian
      Eyepiece: Skywatcher 5mm UWA 58°
      Date & Time: Feb 3rd, 1800-1900 CET
      Location: home terrace, Dusseldorf region, Germany
      Technique: chalk and charcoal pens on black sketching paper
      Size: 11"x11"
      Literature: Craters of the Nearside Moon, Features of the Nearside Moon (both by John Moore)
      Right in the center of the 200km Rima Hyginus, there's Hyginus itself which - as per Moore -- is assumed to be a volcanic caldera instead of an impact crater. Southwest of it there is the crater Hyginus A. Further to the west and south, Rimae Triesnecker lead to the crater Triesnecker whose northwestern rim wasn't illuminated yet.
      Clear skies!
    • By Danny83uk
      While looking up using mosaic images at x5 barlow to create more detailed surface images i stumbled across this.(Enlarge to see all the magnificiant detail, This is not my image and i take no credit for it).

      Original article Jaw dropping mosaic
      So now ive seen this i want to try it myself. Ive seen the option on DSS to create mosaic's but have yet to try it, or even if it would work.
      Anyway i jusy wanted to share this splendid piece of photography.