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Walking on the Moon

Help deciding what to do.


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Hey guys. Sorry to bother you with this but ive been racking my brains around so many options sonce christmas and im not getting any closer to an answer than i was before. Basicly ive been using a dslr for 6 years with my kit and wanted to move to ccd. Both planets and dsos (i know one cam doesnt do all) but i have £400 to play with so here is my choices.

A asi224mc for planets only. A great camera but most of the budget would be gone. Or

An altair gpcam v2 imx224 and a used atik 16ic-s mono for a bit of both


As far as equipment goes. I have a heq5pro, ed80, skymax150 and explorer 250p. I do have a filter wheel with rgb ha and o3. So a bit of this and that. I wont be selling my 600d because id like to keep doing wider fov with it but i just dont know what to do with this £400 as far as cams go. I know i laid out 2 options, do you guys like either option or have one of your own? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


P.s sorry to go on so long. :)

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I don't have any experience of either camera to be honest. The altair gpcam v2 imx224 seems to have the same sensor as the Asi224mc, or have I read it incorrectly?

With the atik 16ic-s mono, will you not need some RGB filters as well? If so maybe a 2nd hand "mono" planetary camera might be a better choice?

Hopefully somebody with more knowledge of them both will be along shortly to give you some "hands on" opinion. 

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Thanks for replying. The altair and zwo 224s both have the same sensor but there has got to be a reason why there is £100 difference between them. I already have rgb filters if i did the 16ic-s. 


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