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Walking on the Moon

Advice on First Pic - Betelgeuse

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Complete Noob here, so be kind :-)

Took my first pic last night of betelgeuse as it was an easy target. 

Not sure what to expect to be honest, 30s exposure with a modified Canon 1300d. Looks like my collimation is off a little as well. I have a blurred corona, due to a shift to the right I did in Stacker I think.

Any thoughts?


Betelgeuse final.jpg

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You don't say what you used for the capture - scope. However, it's way overexposed and not in focus. The best and easiest way to focus is to use a Bahtinov mask so I would get one of those for sure. If you use a Canon I would recommend using Backyard EOS for image capture if you are happy to use a laptop. Welcome to the dark side.


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Thanks - as I say - noob. I used BackyardEOS but screwed up the focus ! It was taken at ISO 1600 for 30s, which in hindsight was a bit much. Would I have been better dropping this to ISO 800 for maybe 5 seconds for something so bright?


Its all a learning curve !

Celestron 6 SE

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