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  1. I really like this look. Its reminds me of Japanese wave painting by Hokusai. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Wave_off_Kanagawa
  2. Ok. This is my 2nd attempt with the same source data. I followed a tutorial on galaxy processing. Poasibly a little ott again.
  3. OK, Still a newbie at this...attached is my first M33 with new equipment. So i recently upgraded from using an ultrastar for DSO Imaging to my new ZWO 183M through my new WO GT81 and managed to capture my first easy target. LRGB (18 x 5m Lum 1x1, 8 x R, 8 x B, 8 x G, all 2x2) of M33 the triangulum galaxy. Processed and stacked in APP. What was immediately apparent from my previous ED80 was the sharpness of the image over previous setup. Then got a bit carried away in photoshop and added possibly too many sparkles. Photoshop is anew thing and a dark art to me so have a long way to go to get the best out of my raw images, so any helpful feedback would be appreciated.
  4. Solved. Thanks to all who responded. I don't want to go into too much detail except to state that i'm an idiot. Hypothetically, for anyone having the same problem, when you do a factory reset on your mount, make sure you enter date in UK format (dd/mm) not US (mm/dd). Hypothetically speaking of course......
  5. Good suggestion. I will check out the thread. I did a factory reset on the mount at the same time as upgrading. Centering fails have happened since but did not test new setup prior to reset. Thanks all
  6. Centering on target. Platsolving fine. Scope movement fine but never gets within max tolerance whixh is 1000px.
  7. Ive had it working fine for about 18 months until I changed camera and scope. All the maths looks light and it does plate solve. It just never gets close enough.
  8. Ive set it to 1000px which is the maxbut it never gets there irrespective of the number of tries
  9. Gone from a 2.66"/px on a 1920 x 1080 cam to 1.3"/px on a 5496x3672 camera. Old camera i could get tolerance to within 50px every time
  10. Hi Ive been successfully using sgpro for plate solving and photographing for about 18 months. Avx mount wo gt81 ota I recently upgraded to a zwo 183m camera with a much higher resolution. Polar aligned using polemaster. Level mount etc. Thw problem im having is that sgpro is having problems getting within 1000px of the target (for this cam). It solves successfully and moves etc but cant home in closely enough to succeed. Is this an avx mount issue? Thanks
  11. Nice pics. I am using an ultrastar with filter wheel. Not had much luck using starlight live tbh and normally dont stack as I use SGpro. I tried using the tutorial that someone did on here using SLL and narrowband but i must have missed something as it didnt really work out for me. how did you get the second pic using this method?
  12. Yes saw those afterwards. Also saw the BBC Click segment on it, which I frankly cringed at. I thought the presenter's attitude wasnt good at all.
  13. I would agree. It will certainly take knocks from amateur astronomers. I suspect professional astronomers will take a more informed view that it would actually make people aware of what is out there and inspire people to maybe get further into the subject. There will be a swathe of "I have this X,Y,Z equipment and get much better views for the same money". However this is missing the fact it took 6 months of effort and hard learning curves, a mass of spaghetti cabling into laptops, integration and configuration of numerous software packages and obsessive trawling of forums to get to that point. My view is that it can only elevate the subject in the public view should it work. If people have the money but not the experience i say why not !
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