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New Guide Camera, but which one?


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I've been using an IS DMK31 firewire guide camera for quite a while now. Meanwhile the computing industry has moved on and firewire is getting more and more difficult to support. It's time for me to switch to a USB guide camera so I had a look around at came up with two potential candidates:



These cameras are not too expensive, yet appear to have pretty decent performance. I believe they are based on the same sensor, so there is little to choose between them. I saw another thread on this forum comparing the two cameras, with the ASI coming out on top.

I'm interested in using the camera on MacOS with PHD2. I note that the ASI is directly supported, and I wondered if that would mean the QHY would also work since they are based on the same sensor. Has anyone tried this to confirm whether the QHY would also work with PHD2 on MacOS?

I'm also considering moving my imaging setup to a Linux-based small computer, such as a Raspberry Pi or ODROID C2. Therefore, linux-compatility would also be desirable. The QHY appears to have a Linux SDK, but I did not find anything for the ASI in a quick search.

So I guess I'd like to hear from those of you who own either of these cameras and are using them on MacOS or Linux. If you dabble in software development, then I'd also like to hear about your experiences with these cameras and what software you use with them.

Happy New Year!


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Not used them at all, bit concerning that Apple have done away with all the ports on the new MBP and it just comes with 2 of their proprietary Thunderbird sockets, how to win friends and influence people NOT


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I use a ZWO ASI120mm as one of my guide cameras and it so far as performed flawlessly.  Granted it's only on a short focal length frac. as I use a GPCAM Pro on the SCT, but I've had no issues at all, and PHD2 seems fine with it.  However, I do only use it on W10 Pro, so can't help with the software query.


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