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Mirror Removal?

Stub Mandrel

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On the last cold night's imaging some of my subs have had a dark border along the bottom, something an issue means the mirror has not fully flipped up :-(

Also sometimes my stacks show a dark band at the bottom although this isn't evident in the subs.

Wondering if removing my mirror would stop the 450D from working (e.g. cause an error) I found this guide:


As I have no particular need of an optical viewfinder, is there any sensible reason for not doing the same?

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I de-mirrored my DSLR, unfortunately mine had metal hinges so wasn't so easy to get out.  I resorted to yanking it out with a pair of pliers.

The mechanism that operates it is still there so as far as the camera is concerned it is still flipping it up and down.

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19 hours ago, Dave_D said:

I stripped practically everything off my 1100D... still works just fine in its new box

Looks like one too, just a few steps before it got into that box :D:D

Ultimately I plan something similar. Removing the heat barriers and replacing the mirror box with an argon-filled chamber with a standard M68 thread would make these gadgets sing.

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