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ic410 (Tadpoles) and Flaming Star nebs, Ha deep!


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I had gone back to some older data to see if I could combine with the new, in total it's 7hrs of Ha - but the problem was the first set was aquired without the Large Field Corrector fitted to the refractor. So ignoring the fact the corner stars would be a bit mis-shapen it would still be interesting to see how deep the combined data would get me.

StarTools has a function called AutoDevelop - a sort of atuo-stretch - designed to show everything in the data, warts 'n all :)  On running that tool I noticed an interesting effect, the huge gas cloud that contains ic410 (Tadpoles - feature at lower-left) has a marked streamer of gas which makes it look like an enormous comet moving (in this image) from around the 1-O'clock position down towards the 7-O'clock position:


So I completed a processing run with the sole aim of revealing as much of this feature as I could. That included using a MaskedStretch in PixInsight using the star mask created in StarTools. The result is below:


http://s970.photobucket.com/user/ChrisLX200/media/Astro - Images G4-16000/lbn795 flaming star Ha ST 001b masked stretch_zpsg1wnhdqo.jpg.html

Well it wasn't something I expected to see and I found it interesting anyway :) I will try to combine this data with the other two channels, but this one clearly much brighter which will make life difficult.


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There really is some quite stunning detail in this image Chris, I can definitely see where you are coming from regarding the comet feature in the bottom left. I think I would be tempted to keep going with Ha just to see if there is anything else hiding away in there.

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