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Combining images from different cameras?


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I've been wondering about this over the last while, I have a Nikon d7100 & a Canon 40d. They both have the same sensor size so FOV is essentially the same but the Nkon is 24MP & the Canon is 10MP.

If I was to shoot HA with my modified Canon and shoot SII & OIII with the Nikon (the d7100 has no low pass UV filter) what would the result of combining them be? (Aside from the inefficiency of shooting narrowband using a sensor with a bayer matrix.) Would I see some odd effects of the two different resoltions or would these only be apparent in a heavily cropped image?

Thanks in advance,

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Should be OK.  

If binning can be done and combined with non binned images I don't see why this shouldn't work.  However I think you would not be able to actually stack them together, they'd have to be combined in photoshop or Pixinsight.   You will also need software like Registar to make sure the images will exactly lay over each other.


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I can't see why it wouldnt be techincally possible using Pixinsight but I just wonder if it's produce some strange artifacts. My main thinking would be I could shoot HA using my Canon and mix this into my standard RGB images (perhaps using channel extraction to seperate the G & B ) prior to combination with HA

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