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I am thinking that an all sky camera would be the final piece to complete my recent observatory installation. What options are available? I have found the Starlight Xpress Oculus all-sky Camera, which looks ideal, except for the price tag of £775. Are there any good alternatives available? My research shows me that people quite often make their own, which is a possibility, but how much cheaper would it really work out to be? More importantly, am I capable of making something that works effectively or would I end up cursing the day I decided to try and make my own?! Should I just accept that a shop bought system is a pretty expensive piece of kit, but will do the job properly and easily?

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I was looking for something last year Gav and too baulked at the price of the Oculus...... I am totally inept when it comes to making things and so I had to buy. I found a Malincam from the US to be much cheaper and it works well. They now do a 180 degree version, which wasn't available when I bought. The picture quality is not as good as my friends Oculus for sure but is adequate for what I want.

If I was looking for another All Sky, I think I'd be in contact with Malincam and see if they have improved the camera recently. Software wise, I run it with SharpCap and it does what I want - Either live view or 240s exposures all night.

The malincam comes with video AV output leads and so I needed to buy this so that I could get a USB output.


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Thanks Sara & Steve. Yes, I read your article Steve and that is the only reason why I would even vaguely consider making rather than buying! I'm just not entirely convinced that I can make a good enough job of it. The research continues...

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