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Eastern Veil from last night


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Seems like Britain and Scandinavia are enjoying the same clear sky right now, and it looks very promising for tonight!

My goal yesterday was the Flying Horse Nebula but after wasting two hours by messing up with programming of the shutter for the camera. I thought it was broken until I found that I had mixed up exposure times with inter-wall times so I was getting 10 s exposures with 12 min inter-walls....... By the time I figured that out the Flying Horse was at zenith and the autoguiding / mount did not handle that so well, so I went for plan B:

The Eastern Veil. 20 x 6 min ISO 1600 (Canon 60Da , ES 127ED apo, EQ8 mount in obsy)

Any comments are welcome - there are so many ways to process this one, including colour balance, degree of star shrinking and darkness of background (to avoid it to look like a snow storm).

Any suggestions for target for tonight?


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