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Just a general remark on diminutive and featherweight travel scopes, a frequent question: the 80/400 achromat is nearly always recommended because it has a rather large frontal lens, and a real compact tube, but if you pack an 80/600 like this one...


...you can remove the dewshield and unscrew the focuser (3 screws), the tube and cell together are about 40cm (16") long. Of course you can't do the same with a tripod, but at least one travel case can be shorter. An 80/600 is still a rich-field scope: through a 25mm/70° ocular it yields 3°, with the advantage of less curvature and chromatic spread than the 80/400. If you lay it along the case's side, the case has to be a little over 40cm long; however if you place the tube along the diagonal, the case can be smaller.


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